Friday, January 16, 2015

Spain: Asturias

For over a year now, I've been jonesin' to get to the north of Spain! One of my favorite restaurants in Madrid (conveniently around the corner from our apartment) is called Río Nalón and hails from the north, in a region called Asturias. This region is fabled as the "true" Spain because it was the only region that defeated the Moors in the 8th century--and when you finally arrive at the Lagos de Covadonga, which sit at an altitude of over 1,000 meters, you understand why. Thanks, Zach, for that fun fact!

Asturias's value isn't only that of a historical one--it's a hiker's dream! Beautiful green mountains and hills lay as a backdrop to some of the most majestic beaches I've ever seen. I could've sworn I was standing on the set of The Chronicles of Narnia,  or the Lord of the Rings..

But as the age-old saying goes "Beauty is pain." Wait, what? Most of the north is green and lush, which is a result of year-round rainfall. For someone from California, where my winters can be spent frolicking on the beach, rain is definitely pain! Although most Spanish people agree that the north is beautiful and that you eat very well up there (I can attest for that), ALL will tell you the same thing: it even rains in July!

So, we took a leap of faith and booked a few nights after the New Year to discover what we knew, but could never imagine! To our absolute astonishment and pleasure, we didn't have a single raindrop! Mostly clear skies and happy travelers for three days.

Production notes: Every travelogue has been different for me. Aside from the obvious location change, this video proved to be difficult because of the background music. Going into the trip I knew which song would be playing in the back of my mind. However, I did not want to bog my audience with a 5+ minute video. I knew where I wanted to cut the song and which parts I wanted playing, I just didn't know how to do it smoothly! So that will be something I work on for my next travelogue.